Cream Cheese Ombre Creation


  • 32 oz. Flavor Right™ Custom Ice™
  • 1 lb Powdered Sugar
  • Cream Cheese oil flavoring
  • Gel Colors: Pink, Yellow and Green
  • Fresh Stawberries and Kiwi’s



1.Whip up a fresh batch of Custom Ice™ according to the directions.

2.When the Custom Ice is done, fold in 3 tsp of the cheesecake oil flavoring, then tint the icing with one drop of yellow gel coloring.

3.In two small bowls pull some icing from the batch and color one light green, one pink and one with the plain cheesecake flavored icing, Then make 3 piping bags one for each color.


1.Place the first layer on the cake board, then pipe a layer of Cheesecake flavored icing on top.

2.Place the second layer on top of the first the repeat the last step until the final layer is on top.

3.Base ice the entire cake.

4.First, pipe green on the bottom of the layer cake, then pipe pink the next layer up and finally, the cheesecake one. Smooth the sides with a metal straight edge to achieve the ombre.


1.Pipe a top and bottom border, use a small spatula to paint the top of the cake with green streaks.

2.Pipe three rosettes of icing on top of the cake.

3.Placed sliced strawberries and kiwi’s on the rosettes and on the sides of the cake.

To get more defined stripes, soften the pink and green by mixing some of the liquid Custom Ice into them.