Flavor Right Cut Cookie Icing


  • 1 lb Flavor Right™ Custom Ice
  • 1 lb Powdered Sugar
  • Assorted Gel Food Colors



1.Bake the sugar cut cookies according to your recipe.

2.Sift the powdered sugar if necessary.

3.Mix up a fresh batch of Custom Ice using a 1-1 ratio of sugar and Custom Ice liquid. Mix for about 4 minutes on medium speed.

4.Take half of the Custom Ice glaze and set aside in a sealed container. Then proceed to whip the rest of the Custom Ice to soft peaks. (an additional ten minutes)


1.Flooding technique: Use a pastry bag and the whipped Custom Ice to pipe your flood icing borders.

2.Dipping Technique: Use a flat open tray to dip the cookies in.


1.Use the Gel colors to color your icings.

2.Using this 1-1 ratio, your cookies will completely dry in 36-48 hrs.

3.For faster drying time increase sugar to 1.5 to 1 part Custom Ice.

If the glaze starts to get stiff, add some un-whipped Custom Ice from the Carton to increase the flow rate.


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