National Cookie Day


  • 4 Layers of 5 In. White Cake
  • 1 quart Flavor Right™ Custom Ice™
  • Powdered Sugar
  • 14 oz. Cookie Butter
  • Your favorite cookies!
  • GANACHE: Visit Flavor Right Mix Master EP2: A Fresh spin on Ganache



1.Place first layer of cake on your cake board.

2.Add a light layer of Cookie Butter and spread into an even layer.

3.Add second layer of cake and another Iight layer of Cookie Butter, spreading into an even layer.

4.Add third layer of cake and another light layer of Cookie Butter, spreading into an even layer.

5.Top cake with remaining layer of cake.

6.Whip the Custom Ice, two parts of liquid and one part of powder sugar (2 ½ Cups). Whip on medium speed until it takes a hard consistency.

7.Add 5oz of Cookie Butter and mix perfectly.

8.Use the mixed Custom Ice to ice the outside of the cake.

9.Melt your Ganache, cover the top and drip on the sides.


1.Decorate with cookies of your choice

You can use any kind of cookies.


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