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Flower Basket


  • 20 oz. Whip’N Top Vanilla
  • 8” Vanilla cake, 3 Layers
  • 10 oz. Gourmet Raspberry Jelly


1.Assemble cake. Pipe raspberry jelly between each layer.

2.Cut both bottom/base sides of the top and bottom layer to start shaping it.

3.Using piping bags and tip #789S, create vertical lines, stopping at the top. Continue all the way around the cake.

4.Next, make horizontal lines all the way around the cake (starting from the bottom and moving upward)

5.Using an air brush machine, use a yellow airbrush color and spray around the basket. Then, spray a brown airbrush color to create a basket texture.

6.Using gel colors, decorate the top of the basket with green colored Whip’N Top to portray grass

7.Create flowers using a tip #104

8.Decorate as desired

9.Fill with raspberry jelly