Orange Mango Cream Cake With Fruit


  • 1 quart Flavor Right™ Concentrate
  • 3 8” JW Yellow cake layers
  • Orange Juice
  • Mango Juice
  • Assorted fruit; Dragon fruit, Kiwi’s, Mango and mandarin oranges
  • Orange Gel color



1.Whip 16 ozs. of Flavor Right Concentrate with 4 oz. of orange juice and 4 ozs. of mango juice. 

2.Have your layers trimmed and ready to go.

3.Cut up all your fruit. 1 mango, 1 dragon fruit, 2 kiwi’s and 1 can of mandarin oranges.

4.Take about a ounces of each fruit and mix them up.


1.Fill the first layer with 2 ozs . orange mango cream, Then add 2 ozs . of the mixed up fruit. Repeat for the second cake layer.

2.Place third cake layer on top and base ice entire cake with the orange mango cream.

3.Randomly place the orange icing around the sides, Then use a straight edge to smear it around the sides of the cake. Repeat for the top of the cake.


1.Using an 827 star tip pipe 5 rosettes on top of the cake following the curve for the cake.on Then pipe some around the bottom on the sides of the cake.

2.Add fruit like the picture or as desired.

Take about 3 ozs. of the cream that is under whipped, and add orange color to it.
It will smear easier in the side of the cake


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