Think Pink


  • 1 quart Whip 'n Top Vanilla
  • 5" Yellow Cake, 4 Layers
  • Pink Food Coloring
  • 15 pieces Chopped Strawberry separated in 3
  • 4 oz. White Ganache
  • Pink Heart Sprinkles
  • Medium Pearls


1.Whip the Whip’N Top Vanilla in medium speed until you get a firm consistency.

2.Add a light layer of Whip’N Top Vanilla on your first cake layer. Layer chopped strawberry’s on top. Repeat for all layers.

3.Base ice the cake with the Whip’N Top Vanilla

4.Separate remaining Whip’N Top into two bowls. Add pink food color to get a soft pink to one bowl.

5.Prepare two bags with plastic coupler and fill one with Whip’N Top and the second with pink Whip’N Top.

6.Starting at the base of the cake, rotate the cake turntable and begin to pipe a thick even line of white Whip’N Top around the entire cake.

7.Pipe the pink Whip’N Top above the white line.

8.Repeat these steps alternating colors until you reach the top.

9.Fill in the top of the cake with whichever color you ended with at the very top of the cake.

10.Place the scraper against the side of the cake until smooth as desired, on the top with the spatula gently pull any extra topping along the top edge of the cake towards the center to create a smooth finish.



Check out our Mix Masters video on how to create a ganache!



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