Whip’N Top Heart


  • 1 quart Flavor Right™ Whip’N Top Vanilla
  • 1 quart Flavor Right™ Whip’N Ice Vanilla
  • 2 Chocolate Heart Shaped Cake Layers
  • 15 oz. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Room Temperature)
  • 10 pc of Chocolate Hazelnut Candies
  • 13 Strawberries
  • 10 oz. Ganache
  • Gold and Silver Pearls
  • Baking Chocolate



1.Place the layer of cake on a cake board.

2.Spread 4 oz of chocolate hazelnut spread on top.

3.Top with another heart layer.

4.Pour 1 QT. of Vanilla Whip’N Top and remaining chocolate hazelnut spread in mixing bowl.

5.Whip on second speed until the chocolate hazelnut spread has dissolved and there is a firm consistency.

6.Ice the outside of the cake.

7.Create a ganache using Whip’N Ice and the baking chocolate. (Check out our "How-To" video here: youtu.be/N5pgJQICHi8)

8.Cover the top and dripping onto the sides of the cake.


1.Arrange strawberries and chocolate candies around the cake.

2.Melt the baking chocolate and transfer to a small piping bag. Snip the corner of the bag.

3.On a sheet of parchment paper, make 8 to 10 small dollops. With the tip of a spoon, swipe the chocolate and then pull up. Let dry until hard then use as decoration around the cake.

4.Add the gold and silver pearls for decoration!