Category: Dessert

Maple Bacon Icing

Bacon isn't just for breakfast anymore! Paired with maple flavor, it's the perfect dessert version of pancakes & bacon.

Black Russian Icing

Coffee and Chocolate! It's a grown-up's dream cake made with Custom Ice™, our whipped buttercream-style icing.

Chocolate Banana Icing

The heart of a yummy banana split is echoed perfectly in this fudgy icing.

Chocolate Almond Icing

Chocoholics, listen up! This smooth, decadent icing is a treat beyond compare, delicately influenced by almond flavor.

Chili Almond Margarita Crunch Icing

Harness the guilty pleasure of a cold Margarita with this South-of-the-Border icing. The hot-hot-hot secret ingredient? Ground chili almonds!

Lime Rickey Cheesecake Icing

Like a refreshing summer breeze! The richness of cheesecake filling is perfectly balanced with tangy lime and sweet raspberry to top your cake with old-fashioned goodness.

Orange Cranberry Icing

Citrusy orange sweetens up the best-loved tart berry of the holiday season. This icing will make your cake the star of your buffet!

Pina Colada Icing

Take yourself to the beach with the refreshing taste of Pina Colada icing on your favorite cake. All you need is the umbrella!

Lady Buffalo Cake

Coconut and pecans give a delicious crunchy-chewy finish to this smooth cake that is party-ready!